Beltone 360° Hearing Evaluation™

A full-spectrum evaluation

After 75 years of helping millions overcome hearing loss, we know that hearing aids are just one part of a systematic approach that leads to customer satisfaction. The Beltone 360° Hearing Evaluation™ is the most comprehensive hearing examination and precision fitting program available.

This in-depth examination includes a detailed case history, a communication needs assessment, and tests of hearing levels for soft tones and of regular speech as well as speech in noisy settings. The test reveals if you need hearing aids or if medical care is required.

If hearing aids are recommended, we follow up with a hearing test to determine how much improvement you can expect and a demonstration of the effect hearing aids would have on your hearing. The test is completely painless and can take up to two hours (this can be broken down into segments as needed).

Every patient will receive a comprehensive hearing test unless not permitted due to health reasons or if requested by the patient or their family.

This hearing test includes:

  • Case history
  • Ear examination (otoscopic inspection)
  • Sound field speech test in quiet
  • Sound field speech test in noise
  • Pure tone threshold test air-conducted
  • Pure tone threshold test bone-conducted
  • Speech reception thresholds
  • Most comfortable speech level
  • Uncomfortable hearing levels
  • Speech discrimination levels
  • QuickSINTest (speech in noise ratio test)
  • Master hearing aid/Hearing aid demonstration

Custom fitting “one ear at a time”

Once you have purchased a Beltone hearing aid based on your hearing evaluation, our Hearing Care Professionals will ensure they are wirelessly programmed to your optimal hearing levels using our industry leading Solus Pro software. Our advanced fitting algorithm personalizes the hearing aids for a clear and comfortable hearing experience across all listening situations.

Your hearing is in good hands

All aspects of the Beltone 360° Hearing Evaluation™ are conducted by certified Hearing Instrument Specialists and/or Audiologists who meet Beltone’s rigorous standards and ongoing training requirements.