Direct Line Accessories

Your entertainment and social connection

Beltone Direct Line accessories lets you focus on sound like never before by wirelessly streaming sound from a TV, cell phone, PC (or even a person) directly into your hearing aids. This direct connectivity makes it easy to hear what you want to hear and tune out what you don’t. Enjoy a hands-free phone conversation right into your hearing aids, hear your favorite TV show in a room full of chatting people. There’s so much you can do!


Beltone Remote Control 2

Beltone Direct Remote Control 2 is a handheld device that lets you effortlessly and discreetly monitor and change your hearing aid settings. The large screen and simple controls allow you to switch environmental programs, adjust the volume of sound you hear coming from the environment, or stream directly from your TV, PC or phone without ever touching your hearing aids.

  • Mute button allows you to tune out surrounding noise to focus on your desired audio source
  • Adjustable microphone and audio streaming balance keeps primary source volume at comfortable levels
  • Wireless antennae can be positioned to provide a strong signal to your hearing instruments
  • Color display includes easy-to-read icons that indicate program in use, volume level and Remote Control battery status
  • Rechargeable battery

Beltone TV Link 2

Beltone TV Link 2 is the first direct-to-ear way to watch TV. It uses 2.4 GHz technology to wirelessly stream high-quality stereo sound from your television to your hearing aids. It can also stream sound from other audio sources: such as home stereos and PCs.

  • Adjusts TV volume to your preference, without changing what others hear
  • Can be set to eliminate background room noise
  • Connects to almost any television, including the newest models
  • Dolby® Digital conversion helps ensure compatibility with any type of audio signal
  • Delay adjustment function synchronizes audio and video for the best TV viewing experience

Beltone Phone Link 2

Beltone Phone Link 2 is the only device to use 2.4 GHz technology to create a secure connection between your Bluetooth® phone and your hearing instruments. It allows you to hear your phone ring in your hearing aids, speak hands-free, and enjoy crisp, clear conversation in both ears.

It can also serve as a remote control to change your environmental programs and adjust hearing aid volume. The Beltone SmartRemote™ app works with Phone Link 2 to turn an iPhone® or Android™ phone into a discreet, full-function remote control.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Speech signal is strong and feedback-free
  • Mute button eliminates background noise in loud surroundings
  • Mute and Program buttons control basic hearing aid functions
  • Dual microphones and a noise-reduction make speech easier to understand
  • Connects to two different phones
  • Works even when the phone is put away in a pocket or handbag

Beltone Mypal

Beltone myPAL works in noisy or crowded environment to help you hear exactly want you want to hear. This small, portable microphone can be worn by, or placed near, a person you want to hear clearly – even from a distance. Your myPAL captures their voice and streams it directly into your hearing aids. It can also be placed near a television or connected to your PC, iPAD®, or MP3 player to stream audio to your hearing instruments, at home or on the go.

  • Volume control and easy-access on/off switch
  • Streams audio from a desired source up to 23 feet away
  • Mini-jack connects to radio and MP3 players
  • Rechargeable battery connects via USB or wall outlet
  • Perfect for restaurants, lectures, meetings airports or at family events

Beltone Smart Remote

Direct Phone Link 2 and SmartRemote™ let you turn your iPhone® or Android™ as a discreet remote control for your hearing devices – even in the most public setting. Adjust volume, change listening programs, enjoy clear phone calls and more. A simple swipe of your fingers is all it takes. It’s free, and easy to use.

  • Easily change listening programs to suit your current environment
  • Reduce the sounds around you when you’re using the phone
  • Fast and effective thanks to Beltone’s award-winning 2.4 GHz wireless technology
  • SmartRemote 2.4 GHz streaming is the industry standard for all Bluetooth® technology
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