Beltone Bold™

More power to your life

This powerful digital hearing aid is specially engineered to bring back all of the sounds you cherish, even if your hearing loss is severe to profound. Beltone Bold™ is designed to provide supreme comfort during daily activities.

Built for everyday life

Beltone Bold returns your ability to focus on the sounds around you. It features advanced technologies to help you follow what’s going on around you without distraction. Beltone Sound Shifter™ can make high frequency sounds easier to hear: from the voices of children to sweet bird songs.

Clear conversations in crowded places

Beltone Bold’s Adaptive Directionality™ and Speech Spotter™ options help you hear what people are saying even in noisy situations – be it a family dinner or a busy social event.

Built to last

Beltone Bold is built to be tough, robust and long lasting. It is coated inside-out with our HPF80 NanoBlock™ to shield it from water, moisture and perspiration. This increases the lifetime of your hearing aids for years of trouble-free use.


The aftercare program that sets us apart

BelCare™ is the best ongoing care and protection program in the business. It covers you for the life of your hearing aids and is one of the most comprehensive hearing care programs available. BelCare also assures you attention at any one of over 1,500 participating Beltone locations across North America. No other company offers the same level of commitment.

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