Beltone Micro-Invisa™

Our tiniest hearing aid

The Beltone Micro-Invisa™ offers magnificent sound in a miniature package. Hand-crafted for custom comfort, it is so small that it fits completely within your ear canal. You get maximum comfort, stellar acoustics and a top-of-the-line hearing experience.

Small yet powerful

Our smallest most advanced digital processing chip provides crystal clear hearing in different environments. Sound Cleaner Pro™ and Smart Gain Pro™ technology reduce the volume of background noise and increase the volume of the sounds you want to hear.

Reduces unwanted noise

Feedback Eraser™ with WhistleStop™ prevents unwanted noise when objects come too close –your Beltone Micro-Invisa hearing instruments won’t buzz or whistle when you use the phone, put on a hat, or hug a loved one.

The lovers of music

Love music? Wait until you listen in AFX Music Mode. This special setting delivers a robust musical experience that’s magnificently layered and true sounding.

Naturally pleasant sound

Because nothing blocks the ear, sound is gathered and transmitted as nature intended.


The aftercare program that sets us apart

BelCare™ is the best ongoing care and protection program in the business. It covers you for the life of your hearing aids and is one of the most comprehensive hearing care programs available. BelCare also assures you attention at any one of over 1,500 participating Beltone locations across North America. No other company offers the same level of commitment.

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