Beltone Promise™

Hear the moments that make the memories

We want you to hear the moments that make the memories, and with Beltone Promise™ you can do just that! Beltone Promise™ uses our proprietary microchip technology to simulate the way ears naturally process sound. They’re automatically self-adjusting to the different sound environments you encounter, for a smooth and natural-sounding listening experience.

Beltone Promise™ feature overview

Balanced sound at all times

Built-in Ear to Ear Synchronization™ automatically gives you smooth and natural transitions when you go from quiet surroundings to noisy ones. If you decide to manually adjust one hearing aid, this feature ensures the change is instantly transferred to the other, hands-free.

Superior sound that’s reliable

Sound Cleaner Pro™ and Smart Gain Pro™ reduce the volume of background noise and increase the volume of the sounds you want to hear, working in unison to automatically apply the correct settings. A special setting helps you hear music as it was meant to sound. Additional technology reduces wind noise and ensure effortless listening outdoors – even when you’re on the phone.


No more noise

Feedback Eraser™ with WhistleStop™ makes sure your hearing instruments don’t produce any buzzing or whistling when you are on the phone, putting on a hat or hugging a loved one.

On your wavelength

The Beltone Promise mimics the way sound is normally delivered to the brain, receiving and processing sound signals in a natural manner to help you hear the memories you’re creating.



The aftercare program that sets us apart

BelCare™ is the best ongoing care and protection program in the business. It covers you for the life of your hearing aids and is one of the most comprehensive hearing care programs available. BelCare also assures you attention at any one of over 1,500 participating Beltone locations across North America. No other company offers the same level of commitment.

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